Crossbow on the up

At Crossbow we have recently reached a notable landmark:

Just over a week ago, we reached our invoice no. 50,000 – that’s 50,000 orders processed since we started our current invoicing system about 10 years ago, not including online orders which would add a good few thousand to the total. So a big thank you for your support to all our customers up and down the UK and beyond, and one from Bob to all our staff who work so hard at getting orders processed and out of the door. We celebrated at our local Chinese buffet.

The Team celebrating with a meal.
*From Top Left; John, Tom, Bob, Anne, Henry, Mark.*
*From Bottom Left; Bernard, Pelle, Ruth, Freya, Ione, Marg. Not pictured, Mike.*

 We have recently expanded the warehouse, enlarging the space and upgrading the packing areas with two new packing stations to cope with our ever-growing catalogue of products and the increased demand from schools for our dyslexia-friendly range.

We hope this new area will help speed up packing as well as improving upon our service to customers.

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