Guest Blog Post- Reading Rulers with Tolivers to Texas

We recently read a fantastic blog on the use of our Reading Rulers on, see how they found them:

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Nearly three years ago, I had a wiggly 6yo girl who was not catching on to reading like I thought she should.

Her three older siblings had just needed a little guidance and then reading clicked and they were highly proficient readers by age 6 or 7. But my silly 6yo would squirm around on the couch beside me and occasionally complain that the words kept wiggling off the page.

Well, of course, that was a ridiculous excuse. I’D never seen words wiggle off the page and the problem was that my 6yo just kept wiggling off the couch!

During that time we went to a homeschool co-op where the older kids played in a chess club and as I waited for my kids one day, I started talking with a lady who did some tutoring for kids with learning difficulties.

Thank goodness MY kids didn’t have any difficulties like that! And when the tutor asked me in passing if my kids struggled with reading, I just lightly said, “No, they’re fine!”

“Well, that’s wonderful,” she said. “Because when I was younger I had a hard time reading since the words always seemed to wiggle right off the page.”

At that point, she nearly had to scrape me off the floor. Thank the Lord for putting me in touch with the right person at the right time who had the exact same issue as my squirmy 6yo.

That tutor did a long, detailed analysis of my daughter – it lasted an entire morning – and the end result was that my daughter ended up using these strange little colored screens.

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Amazingly, the words didn’t wiggle off the page anymore. There was an immediate change in her reading ability. It’s still not as easy for her as some of the others, but it’s made a drastic difference for her.

Does this sound familiar? I hope so. Because I know of other parents who’ve heard my daughter’s story and have realized their child had similar issues.

Enter Crossbow Education. The product I used three years ago was similar, but Crossbow has made vast improvements to it. They have taken the concept of those strange little colored screens and made them into an amazing, highly practical product that can completely revolutionize your child’s learning disabilities. Even better, it’s now something that you as the parent can figure out at home with your child, rather than taking them to someone else for testing.

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For our daughter, I learned that the stark contrast between the white page and the black words caused a visual perception problem that made the words truly wiggle off the page. The colored screens – different people have different colors that work best – change how your child sees the written page.

My daughter no longer fussed around and guessed at the words – reading became an infinitely simpler process for her. The past year or so she had stopped using them, but when I received this fun 10-color pack of colored reading rulers for review, I went through them with her.

Now she’s 9 years old, and apparently she has not outgrown the need for them.

We went through the rulers one at a time. For each one, she basically said, “No. No. No.” Until we came to yellow. “That one works good!” she said.

So yellow was most effective for her. You can use one side that shows one line of type at a time – the line helps them focus on the correct place. Or flip it over and the child can see several lines at once.

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I also tried it with her 7yo sister who has never found reading as easy as my oldest three kids did.

I don’t know if she has the exact same issue as her sister, but the reading ruler – pink worked for her – has made a difference in her reading.

“The page is wrinkled when you look at it with white,
but when you look at it with pink, it’s soft.”
That’s a direct quote from my 7yo who found that it truly helped her read better.

The lighting does make a difference, and when she’s outside, the orange overlay seems to work better. But that’s one of the advantages of having a 10-pack!

Maybe you struggle with reading issues yourself. Adults can have these exact same issues. So for this price, it’s well worth trying. And you can try out all ten colors on your own without having to have a tutor or specialist. You also can trim them down for use in smaller books or just cut them in half so you can store them in separate books.

Reading difficulties CAN have a simple solution. And as I found out – sometimes it’s just a matter of hearing about the right solution and realizing it will work for your child!

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