Beating the Bullies

This is just a quickie:  I read a great comment on an SEN forum today, referring to a year 6 boy with visual stress who had been prescribed green tinted lenses, and was getting a lot of flack at school from other children. You can guess the sort of thing: “What are you wearing those ugly green things for?” “Alien” etc.

The post suggested teaching children various snappy retorts, and invited members of the forum to contribute suggestions. She got the ball rolling with
“Actually they give me x-ray vision, and I can see into your head. I didn’t realise just how few brain cells you’ve got!”, and
“Actually they’re really cool. When I’m doing a test they don’t just help me see the questions more clearly, but they show me the answers too!”

If this appeals to you, feel free to add to the list and pass it on. I thought it was a refreshing approach to dealing with some of the problems caused by visual stress!

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