“In my eyes and brain”

English: Author - John Henkel, from the Food a...

English: Author – John Henkel, from the Food and Drug Administration Structure of the basal gandlia, including thalamus, globus paladus, substantia nigra, and cerebellum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve already posted a couple of the homeschool review blogs on this site, so I don’t want to overdo things – but I’ve just read this bit from one of them:

It has tremendously helped Kylan, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Tourette’s and Dyslexia several years ago and has always had problems reading due to his poor tracking ability. He immediately said he could feel a difference “in his eyes and brain” while reading with the blue or green colored rulers. He finished the chapter with no complaints that day and over the next couple of days actually finished his book with no problems. I can tell he enjoys reading with the blue ruler because he’s been keeping it in his book as a bookmark. Just a couple of days ago a family friend asked Kylan what his favorite subject was and he said, “READING”. I was so happy and excited for him, it just seemed to finally click for him and I think it’s all due to the Eye Level Reading Rulers!

That’s quite a basinful though – Asberger’s, Tourette’s and Dyslexia. Obviously we want to sell products – we are a business after all – but we get a genuine buzz when we read stuff like this.

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