Get A Grip!

We’re currently on the lookout for improvements to our range of pencil grips. Meanwhile here’s a quick thought for those of you who are trying to re-train the hands of children who have developed an improper pencil grip.

This idea is based on something I read on an occupational therapy site.

The child holds a little soft ball, or a piece of play dough or similar to hold with their ring and little fingers, which gives those digits something to do (as opposed to trying to wrap themselves round the pen) while the third finger, index and thumb can take control of the pencil. I thought the following could be an option if a child has a small toy figure that that they like – depending on the age of the child you can make a game of it: “Jimmy (the toy!) is going to try and grab your pencil, so you’ve got to hold him down to make sure he behaves himself!”

This is probably my shortest blog yet – hope it’s useful. If you need ready-made pencil grips we’ve got a pretty good selection at

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